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Gene Campbell Memorial Events

For you who didn’t know Gene Campbell, well quite frankly you missed out. He was an incredible human being. He could spin a story like no other, have you on the edge of your seat to only hit you with the punchline and you’d laugh so hard because the entire time you thought it was a real story. He was a true baseball guy! He knew and understood the game like only few can. He devoted his whole life to coaching kids and after 40 years he finally got to live his dream, by running tournaments in North Texas. He was so respected in the baseball community that I witness grown men take off their hats when speaking with him out of respect. Everyone have their critics and he was no different. The difference was, even if someone didn’t like him they still respected him. He treated everyone fairly. A common phrase used to describe him was, “Gene was tough but Gene was fair.”  

Gene’s whole life revolved around coaching and youth baseball. He dedicated 40+ years to Grand Prairie Boys Baseball and the city of Grand Prairie. Between coaching and volunteering on the league board, he won over 20 city championships and was the President of Grand Prairie Boys Baseball until his passing in January of 2015.  I can remember being out to dinner and grown men walk up to him and say, “hey Coach Campbell do you remember me? You were my coach when I played baseball in Grand Prairie.” He would always say don’t tell me your name, he’d then think for a minute and call them by their nickname that he came up with when coached them.. The facial expression that would come over these grown men faces were priceless. He had a real talent for bringing the best out of people and making everyone feel special. 

He loved giving back and after his passing I struggled with how to honor his legacy. Then I remembered something he told me about why he coached. He said, “that if by coaching I helped to keep one kid on the field and off the street, then it was worth it.”  That's when it hit me to start “The Gene Campbell Sports Foundation.” We pay the registration fee and provide equipment for families that can’t afford these costs. So if we can help keep athletes on the field and off the street, so they don’t get caught up in activities that could get them in trouble, then we have honored my father's legacy and by playing in this event you are helping us to keep his legacy alive. 

So, Thank you to everyone that has been part of our past “Gene Campbell Memorial Tournaments” and thank you to those that continue to help us keep his legacy going.


Tim Campbell