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Game Traq

PAC Sports strives to be the leader when it comes to innovation, safety and the end user experience. Game Traq is one of many innovative features that will not only helps us make the game safer but also better the user experience. This completely integrated feature will allow both teams to keep a digital scorebook of every game. 

  • This will help teams to follow games in real time. 
  • Provide family members to listen to the game, that can’t attend in person
  • It will provide us data so we can implement a pitch count to protect our young athletes arms
  • We can provide individual stats in real time
  • Have a leader board, examples (era, batting average, home run leader, etc)
  • To provide a three way check and balance. Home book, Visitors book and the Umpire card. This will ensure transparenting and accurate information.

No other sanctioning body will have this feature completely integrated into their website. A feature like this is only available in a 3rd party platform and to use it to its full capacity cost teams around $199 a year. Not her at PAC Sports, this feature is part of every teams registration fee.  Yes you read that correctly, this service is provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the team, parents, or family members.